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The Novice Guide to Court Hearings

by Tessa Shepperson

Helping you to win your case at Court

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About the author

Why I wrote this book...

People (including me) are generally terrified of court hearings, so I wrote this guide to help.

If you know what you are doing, and have prepared properly - this will help you to win your case.

Its just for civil claims though ...

This book is just for claims in the County Court.  Its not suitable for Magistrates or Crown Court hearings


Do you have a court hearing coming up?

Are you secretly terrified?

Everyone is scared, or at least a bit worried, the first time they attend court. Even experienced trial lawyers get nervous.

With legal aid being cut and the cost of having a lawyer represent you being beyond most people’s means, more and more people are having to represent themselves at court.

However if you know what you are doing and are properly prepared you can do very well.

Even if you have no experience whatsoever at court work.

This little book will give you the confidence to  prepare & present your case –

And WIN!

Written by experienced landlord and tenant lawyer Tessa Shepperson, the Novice Guide to Court Hearings has a clear and easy to understand style and includes sample documents and forms to help you prepare your case.

Tessa remembers well her first hearings and how nervous she was!

Thats why she wanted to write a book to help people in this position.

Contents include ...

  • Background Information

    Guidance on  court proceedings generally and what what you need to do at court when you have a hearing

  • Negotiating a Settlement

    Why you should do this if you can and how to deal with it when you do.

  • Preparation

    Preparation is key and we have detailed guidance and special forms to help you

  • Hearings

    We discuss the different types of hearing, what they are for and what you need to do

"it didn’t feel like a ‘law’ book"

- Andy Bailey

I enjoyed the style of writing and it certainly didn’t feel like a ‘law’ book ...

Plus Apendixes

to help with the detail

As well as the main text we have useful appendixes with details about what 'without prejudice' really means, information and witness summonses and types of order, what 'betterment' is and Tessa's special forms to help you prepare your case (with a completed sample)

What other readers said

  • Catherine Eaton

    The book covered more than I thought

  • Gerry Henry

    a demystifying self-help guide to court room procedures in crystal clear everyday terms

  • Amy Harrison

    easy to read, doesn’t patronize and you don’t need a legal dictionary to understand it!



Remember its an ebook ...

  • Its only available as a digital download
  • But this means you can download and read it NOW!
  • Three formats provided as standard - pdf, kindle and epub

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  • 5 Appendixes
  • Three formats - pdf, kindle and epub

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