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Choosing the right lodger is INCREDIBLY important:

This person will have keys to your house, and will be able to rummage through all your things when you are not there!

It is worth taking a bit of care to ensure that they are who they say they are and that they will be a good 'fit' with your household.

The Your Law Store new lodger pack has all the forms that you need to help you select the right lodger.

Prepared by specialist landlord and tenant lawyer Tessa Shepperson (creator of the Lodger Landlord and Landlord Law websites), it includes forms, letters and checklists, together with helpful guidance notes.

Helps make making things more formal without making it too much of a burden.

Anthony Athill

We do all the drafting and letting writing so you don't have to!

The full pack contains the following:

  • Telephone enquiry form

    Prompts you all the questions you need to ask applicants at the telephone with handy spaces for you to write them down

  • Lodger information form

    Get your lodger to complete this form for you – it has all the information you will need when carrying out your checks

  • New Lodger Checklist

    Lists the points you need to cover in your interview with your lodger so you can tick them off as you go

  • Right to Rent checklist

    Extensive guidance to help you do the check properly plus a form to record the outcome, ensuring that you are compliant with the law (and not vulnerable to the penalty charge for non-compliance)

  • Letter to your Insurers

    You need to get confirmation from your insurance company that taking in a lodger will not invalidate your insurance cover

  • Reference letters

    Letters for you to use to follow up references with employers, bank and personal references

  • General Letter of Authority

    Some referees will want to see this before disclosing any information – get applicants to sign several

  • Housing Benefit Letter of Authority

    For lodgers on benefit – the Benefit Office will tell you nothing unless you can show them a letter like this signed by the lodger

  • Standing order form

    Get your lodger to sign this so payments get made promptly

  • Helpful notes

    These explain every step of the way and give more information about the different forms and how they should be used

Together these forms and guidance notes will help you through the stressful business of choosing a new lodger

Don't leave it to chance

Its easy to let someone in, but can be a nightmare getting them out again!

Take a bit of care and make sure you have a lodger you can live with.

The documents are very comprehensive. They provide the reassurance the lodger landlord needs, together with the confidence to proceed with the process

Jenny and Vincent Hodges

The Lodger Agreement

Choose the New Lodger Pack plus and you also get our popular lodger agreement included at only £6 extra! (Full price is £12).

Clearly laid out and with a space at the end for your own clauses or house rules, this form is indispensable. Use it to protect your position and ensure that the terms of your agreement are clearly spelled out – so your lodger can’t deny them later!

A comprehensive, yet concise, legal document written in plain English

Gerry Henry

Get the Your Law Store lodger pack before doing ANYTHING – remember, its your home they’ll be living in

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It’s very refreshing to find such a simple to understand, yet comprehensive and thorough pack. A one stop shop for landlords and great for peace of mind.

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